Inner & Outer Rings

  • In the outer circle representing the sacred hoop of the medicine wheel (symbol of all creation) - thee 4 directions and the 4 stages of life are represented.
  • The number 4 is sacred unto itself as it represents the 4 seasons, the 4 human needs (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) the 4 kingdom (animal, mineral, plant, and human) and the stages of life.
  • The circular shape of the wheel represents Earth, Sun, Moon and the cycles of life, the seasons and day to night.

The number 10

  • The number 10 is believed to be the perfect number
  • Symbolizes the completion of a cycle
  • A symbol of constant change and flow of energy
  • 1 is the start of everything, 0 is infinity

breast plates

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  • Breastplates were worn as armor, physical protection in battle.
  • They gave the warrior spiritual protection as well
  • The Comanche tribe were the first to wear them in the 1800s and it was adopted by many other tribes of the Great Planes including the Crow, Sioux, and Assiniboine.
  • The original breastplates are made of long cylindrical bones

the number 1

  • The number 1 is the number of unity and leadership
  • The number 1 represents a true pioneer. It is the divine origin of the universe and the root of all opportunity in our lives.
  • The number 1 is the most self sufficient number.

The all-seeing Shaman Eye

  • Eye of a medicine man
  • The outer lines represent the four corners of the universe:
  • North, South, East and West of the physical world.
  • In the inner lines represent the spirit world
  • The center circle, the hole of the eye, represents the medicine man and his spiritual vision

Broken Arrow

  • The broken arrow symbolizes making peace with oneself, others, and the Earth...always choosing the path of Peace,
  • No more battle

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