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cal·​der·​a (kal-ˈder-a) noun

1. The term caldera comes from Spanish caldera, and Latin caldaria, meaning "cooking pot"

2. A caldera is a large cauldron-like hollow that forms shortly after the emptying of a magma chamber in a volcanic eruption

Colorway: Blood Orange

Material: Wild American Alligator

Totem Lining: High Vibe Honey Bee

Dimensions: 17"H x 15"W x 5"D

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Has been my go-to as of late... ergonomic outer water/wine bottle...I double them up in the AM and stay hydrated with fluid of choice everyday...And monitor my intake with ease...This bag has an ingenious snap out lining...What a dream...Smooshed snacks...Drips and spills can now be snapped out and washed...Fresh and de-germed...Instantly new bag after years of wearing...We should all be able to debug our bags...Handles mirror Olympian kettle ball grip...Distinctive and much more satisfying to hold...Perfect pocket for tablet or journal...Glasses...pens...snacks...Easy grab phone pocket...All device pockets are EMF RF lined...Worldwide Patent Pending...Secure interior tire tread zipper for your wallet and essentials...Beefy feet that protect your bag from what you don’t want it to touch...Divine D-rings in upcycled brass or bronze...Super strong center magnet to keep contents in...It’s so deep unlikely that anything will bubble to the surface...magma style...Miraculously looks good on all body types...fascinating how the right proportions work on all humans.

A Passion piece

every element of the bag reimagined



  • upcycled fabric

    the fabric is a blend of two types of threads. one is made from recycled plastic bottles found in the ocean and the other is 100% us grown organic cotton. we have created a one of-a-kind, durable, and sustainable fabric. our custom fabric is emblazoned with totem art through a non-toxic, waterless, dyeing process.

  • wild american alligator

    hand selected, large tiled, authentic gator skins. we celebrate the tapestry of the gator's unique markings they have earned in the wild. nature's artistry. all of our styles honor one gator and one gator hunter per bag. the skins are hand patinaed, by one artisan, with saturated colors that took years to develop to make it just so.

  • rivets modern

    hand-drawn art inspired by ancient symbols

  • d-rings

    honor sacred geometry. satisfying texture. upcycled brass.

  • feet

    deliberately designed with enough height and gusto to elevate your bag off the ground. finally a foot that protects your bag.