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tec·​ton·​ic (tek-ˈtä-nik) adjective

1. from Ancient Greek are the processes that control the structure and properties of the Earth's crust and its evolution through time.

2. having a strong and widespread impact a tectonic shift

Colorway: Black

Material: Wild American Alligator

Totem Lining: High Vibe Honey Bee

Dimensions: 17"H x 16"W, 2" Strap

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Sleek and simple

Light as air

Universally flattering ​​

The right width shoulder strap for absolute comfort... Forget you are carrying it it is so light 2 D-rings and interior zip... Collage pattern on the inside to delight you... Sleek iPad or note book pocket... Secure phone pocket and roomy zipper pocket Magnetic center closure... A gorgeous bag that allows the wild gator and you shine... So simple and so pure in its design Pack it light and breeze through your day or eve... Layer with power pendants and silk wrap for a complete look. 

A Passion piece

every element of the bag reimagined


  • upcycled fabric

    the fabric is a blend of two types of threads. one is made from recycled plastic bottles found in the ocean and the other is 100% us grown organic cotton. we have created a one of-a-kind, durable, and sustainable fabric. our custom fabric is emblazoned with totem art through a non-toxic, waterless, dyeing process.

  • wild american alligator

    hand selected, large tiled, authentic gator skins. we celebrate the tapestry of the gator's unique markings they have earned in the wild. nature's artistry. all of our styles honor one gator and one gator hunter per bag. the skins are hand patinaed, by one artisan, with saturated colors that took years to develop to make it just so.

  • d-rings

    honor sacred geometry. satisfying texture. upcycled brass.