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bi·​on·​ic (bī-ˈä-nik) adjective

1. biologically inspired engineering

2. the transfer of technology between life forms and manufactured objects is, according to proponents of bionic technology, desirable because evolutionary pressure typically forces living organisms, including fauna and flora, to become highly optimized and efficient

Colorway: Olive

Material: Wild American Alligator

Totem Lining: High Vibe Honey Bee

Dimensions: 13"H x 23"W x 10"D 17"

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The bag that started it all. Aspirational. Could easily be used as travel getaway bag. Part vintage luggage, part Mary Poppins. An intense day bag that stuffs perfectly in overhead compartment. The ultimate vessel. Offered in wild gator only. Masculine. Powerful. Quiet luxury. Made in America. It can be done. It is a head turner. Bespoke hardware and lining. Strategic pockets and interior compartments that work as hard as you do. Notable EMF/RF patent pending protective lining in the device pockets. Protects you and brings consciousness to your device habits. And the snap-out lining...Eureka! So much joy in one bag.  Outer spaces to hold a drink so you can reach and sip ergonomically without fiddling. Nothing else exists like it in the marketplace. Every element that makes a bag special heightened in its execution. Whenever I wear it...I get stopped and asked: "Where did you get that bag?" For the love of the bag.

A Passion piece

every element of the bag reimagined



  • upcycled fabric

    the fabric is a blend of two types of threads. one is made from recycled plastic bottles found in the ocean and the other is 100% us grown organic cotton. we have created a one of-a-kind, durable, and sustainable fabric. our custom fabric is emblazoned with totem art through a non-toxic, waterless, dyeing process.

  • wild american alligator

    hand selected, large tiled, authentic gator skins. we celebrate the tapestry of the gator's unique markings they have earned in the wild. nature's artistry. all of our styles honor one gator and one gator hunter per bag. the skins are hand patinaed, by one artisan, with saturated colors that took years to develop to make it just so.

  • rivets modern

    hand-drawn art inspired by ancient symbols

  • d-rings

    honor sacred geometry. satisfying texture. upcycled brass.

  • feet

    deliberately designed with enough height and gusto to elevate your bag off the ground. finally a foot that protects your bag.